Why Sports Fans Hate Justin Bieber

My god I have a fever, and his name is Bieber. Seriously every where I look this week it’s Bieber this and Bieber that. Sure there will always be Bieber haters, but people who like and appreciate sports are some of the biggest Justin Bieber haters. No this venom doesn’t come from Bieber screwing up the national anthem, or his pop songs being blasted throughout the arena. It is from Bieber’s actions in the world of sports whether it’s being a fan or actually participating in the sporting event. He maybe the biggest star on the planet right now, but he is far from being the most loved celebrity. So without any further ado, here is why sports fans hate Bieber Fever.

  • He think he’s an athlete 
    Bieber a baller? Not a chance

    Bieber a baller? Not a chance

    Sure we all think we are athletes, or deserve to play at the professional level, but at some point in time most sports fans realize that they just aren’t made for sports. However, Justin Bieber thinks he’s the next Air Canada. Justin, if anything you’re a hockey player, because that is what Canada is all about. You’re not a basketball player. Stop rapping about your baller skills and pretending like you could be a great basketball player. Dude, your 5’7 and thats including your haircut. We saw you play in that celebrity all-star game, if you want to be a baller maybe work on your jump shot instead of racing Lamborghinis. Sports fans hate that you won’t accept the facts that your not a baller and just a fan. If anything, you’d be the water boy on a basketball team, not the all star you somehow think you are.

  • Floyd Mayweather 
    Why are you in the ring?

    Why are you in the ring?

    First off, Floyd Mayweather is hated in his own right for being an arrogant person, so just by affiliation people will hate you. However, Mayweather could knock you out before you could finish a taunt. Bieber, not so much. Yes, I know he was there to hold up the belts for this fight, but come on Justin just stay out of the ring. We all know you think you’re a fighter by threatening people and paparazzi to fight. We also know that you’re the kind of guy who talks a big game but when he gets smacked in the mouth he just can’t take it. Plus, flaunting title belts that aren’t even yours, doesn’t exactly scream that you’re a tough guy.

  • He breaks sports’ laws 
    Watch your step

    Watch your step

    Justin, hockey fans would give almost anything to be with Lord Stanley’s Cup. Be humble and don’t embarrass yourself. Oops, too late. Any sports fan knows that when you step on a team’s logo, especially in the locker room, it is a huge sign of disrespect. It basically says that you think you are bigger and better than the entire organization and that they are beneath you. Blackhawks fans certainly weren’t happy when this photo of Bieber clearly standing on the Blackhawks locker room logo hit the internet. Not only did he make the mistake, but he continued to stand on the logo and take pictures. I know one things, Blackhawks fans aren’t going to the next Bieber concert in the Windy City.

  • He is ungrateful for great seats
    Wow I have court side seats, let me check my Twitter

    Wow I have court side seats, let me check my Twitter

    We all want court side seats. For most fans this would be a once in a lifetime experience. However, it always seems like Justin Bieber gets these tickets, and doesn’t care. Most celebrities are into the game and are passionate about their court side seats, just look at Spike Lee. Not Bieber, despite having the best seats in the house, and the hottest date in the house, he never seems to take interest in the game. Rather then watch the game, he feels it’s more important to tweet and hashtag about front row seats. Great prioritizing Bieber, whats more important watching a great game with the gorgeous Selena Gomez, or texting? Texting? Really? Not what I would be doing. Justin, if you’re not going to watch the game don’t come! Let someone else get those seats who will actually enjoy the game.

  • The way he dresses at games 
    This isn't a club or a music video!

    This isn’t a club or a music video!

    When most people go to a game they will wear their team’s colors or jerseys. Not the Biebs, he dresses like an idiot. Notice how all the Heat fans are wearing white? Bieber is like whatever, I’ll sit here in my leather t-shirt and massive gold chains and sun glasses. Justin, this isn’t a club, a music video, or some poster shoot. Lose the sunglasses, the gold, and the leather t-shirt. Wear some Heat gear! Plus a leather t-shirt? What man wears a leather t-shirt? We know you’re rich, you don’t have to remind us every 5 seconds. Just put on a Lebron jersey and cheer like everyone else.

  • He’s a bandwagon fan 
    Just pick a team, stop being a band wagon fan!

    Just pick a team, stop being a band wagon fan!

    Finally, Justin Bieber is the worst type of sports fan in existence. He’s a bandwagon fan. Nothing is worst then bandwagon fans, who only root for the current winning team, or say they’ve rooted for the championship team all along. Justin Bieber has taken this fandom into a whole new territory. Seriously, the kid roots for every time. Just look at this picture. If you google Justin Bieber and sports he literally has worn every team’s logo. He even wears multiple teams at the same time. Justin you can’t wear a San Francisco hat and a Rangers jacket, make up for mind dammit! My god Bieber switched teams more often than Taylor Swift writes a song about an ex boyfriend.

  • What do you think? Is Bieber one of the worst sports fans in the world? Do people have a right to hate him? Comment below!


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