2013 NFL Preview: NY Giants, NY Jets, Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants

Coach Tom Coughlin

Offense                                                                       Defense

QB ELI MANNING                                                  DE JUSTIN TUCK

RB DAVID WILSON                                                DT  LINVAL JOESPH

FB HENRY HYNOSKI                                             DT CULLEN JENKINS

WR VICTOR CRUZ                                                  DE JASON PIERRE-PAUL

WR HAKEEM NICKS                                              OLB KEITH RIVERS

TE BRANDON MYERS                                           MLB MARK HERZLICH

RT DAVID DIEHL                                                    OLB SPENCER PAYSINGER

RG CHRIS SNEE                                                       CB COREY WEBSTER

C   DAVID BAAS                                                      CB  PRINCE AMUKAMARA

LG  KEVIN BOOTHE                                               FS  RYAN MUNDY

LT  WILL BEATY                                                     SS ANTREL ROLLE


Strengths: Whenever you have a Manning under center, you’re going to have a very good year. With great outside weapons with Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks the Giants will put points on the board. Running back David Wilson has shown his explosiveness in the preseason and is poised for a big breakout year at running back. The Giants front four is their bread and butter on defense. When healthy Tuck and JPP provide a nightmare for offensive lines. With great depth at the defensive end position, with

With Manning, The Giants always have a chance

With Manning, The Giants always have a chance

Mathius Kiwanuka and rookie Damontre Moore, and Joesph and Jenkins filling up the middle, the Giants defense could be poised to create havoc ion 2013.

Weaknesses: On offense the Giants are going to need to find consistency at the running back position. The G-men also need to keep Manning upright. Last season the offensive line showed many holes that at the moment don’t look to have been filled since the end of last season. If the Giants can’t keep Manning upright, then the offense will sputter. On defense the Giants need to stay healthy and get pressure on the quarterback. With a weak safety, and an even weaker line-backing core, the Giants need a big season out of the front four. If they can’t stay healthy or get to the quarterback, then the Giants defense will once again be a revolving door for the opposing offense.

Overall Prediction: 9-7 1st place NFC East:

With a difficult schedule this season a 9-7 record would be where the Giants finish. Considering all the question marks on defense, the offensive line, and health, the Giants should be able to make the playoffs despite not winning ten games. With the best quarterback situation in the talented NFC East.  The Cowboys haven’t proven to be serious contenders in years, the Eagles are rebuilding, and the Redskins need to see if RGIII can get through a full season at quarterback. Either way it looks like the Giants will be back in the playoffs in 2013 and will try to make another run to the Super Bowl, which will be in their own stadium this year.

New York Jets

Coach Rex Ryan

Offense                                                                                   Defense


RB BILAL POWELL                                                 NT KENRICK ELLIS

FB TOMMY BOHANON (R)                                  DE SHELDON RICHARDSON (R)

WR JEREMY KERLEY                                             OLB QUINTON COPLES

WR STEPHEN HILL                                                 ILB DAVIS HARRIS

TE JEFF CUMBERLAND                                        ILB DEMARIO DAVIS

RT AUSTIN HOWARD                                           OLB CALVIN PACE

RG WILLIE COLON                                                 CB ANTONIO CROMARTIE

C  NICK MANGOLD                                                  CB DEE MILLINER (R )

LG VLADIMIR DUCASSE                                      FS ANTONIO ALLEN



Strengths: Rex Ryan team, think we know the answer to this one. If the Jets want to be competitive at all this season the defense must be a top unit in the NFL. While the deep secondary may have some holes, especially with Darrelle Revis leaving, the Jets still have a strong secondary with pro bowler Antonio Cromartie and rookie Dee Milliner. With Muhammad Wilkerson establishing himself as one of the best defensive players in the NFL, the Jets also added first rounder Sheldon Richardson to the pass rush. While it remains to see if Quinton Coples will remain at outside linebacker, with more athleticism and a stronger emphasis on the blitz, the Jets defense will get to the

It's official, the Jets are now Geno's team

It’s official, the Jets are now Geno’s team

quarterback. On offense the Jets have added more depth to the running game as they will emphasis running the football more. Plus with pro bowlers Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson on the line, the Jets may once again be one of the best at running the ball in 2013.

Weaknesses: Hmm other than quarterback? While it remains uncertain who will be the signal caller for the Jets in 2013, one can only hope it’s not Mr. Buttfumble Mark Sanchez. While it does look like it will be Geno time sooner than later, the fact is the Jets quarterback situation is terrible. Add in the lack of a star running back, a weak receiving core that’s still unsure when Santonio Holmes will return, and arguably the leagues weakest crop of tight ends, yeah the Jets offense isn’r looking too good right now. On the defensive side the two questions are can the safeties be solid starters and can Quinton Coples effectively transition to the rush 3-4 outside linebacking position.

Overall: 8-8 2nd AFC East:  If Geno can be a solid quarterback, which isn’t too hard given Mark Sanchez’s recent history, the Jets can be a 500 team.  Personally I’m not buying into the Dolphins or Bills until the finally can prove themselves as contenders this season. Rex Ryan is coaching to save his life and knows that he has to give a great performance this year. This defense is vastly underrated and has the potential to be a great defense. If the offense can run the ball, and not turn the ball over, then the Jets could surprise a lot of people in 2013. One things for sure, there is never a dull moment with this team.

Philadelphia Eagles

Coach Chip Kelly

Offense                                                                                   Defense

QB MICHAEL VICK                                                               DE FLETCHER COX

RB LESHEAN McCOY                                                         NT ISSAC SOPOAGA

WR DESEAN JACKSON                                                      DE CLIFTON GEATHERS

WR RILEY COOPER                                                            OLB TRENT COLE

TE BRENT CELEK                                                               ILB DEMECO RYANS

TE ZACH ERTZ ( R)                                                         ILB MYCHAL KENDRICKS

RT LANE JOHNSON (R )                                                    OLB CONNOR BARWIN

RG TODD HEREMANS                                                      CB CARY WILLIAMS

C  JASON KELCE                                                                 CB BRADLEY FLETCHER

LG  EVAN MATHIS                                                                 FS PATRICK CHUNG

LT JASON PETERS                                                              SS NATE ALLEN

Strengths: Given Chip Kelly’s prolific offense in Oregon, this could be a year where the Eagles light up the scoreboard. When healthy Vick still has big play capability and a big arm to stretch the field. Whoever the quarterback is, he’ll have a vast arsenal of weaponry at his disposal. Jackson, Avant, Celek, Ertz, McCoy are all playmakers that create nightmare matchups for opposing defenses. With an improvement along the

Can Vick and Jackson stay healthy enough to give Kelly's offense it's explosiveness?

Can Vick and Jackson stay healthy enough to give Kelly’s offense it’s explosiveness?

offensive line it could be a lot easier for Eagles quarterbacks this season. If the quarterbacks can remain upright, this offense will score some points.

Weaknesses: On offense there are only two. First who will be the quarterback by the end of the season, and second can this offensive line protects whoever that quarterback will be. Michael Vick hasn’t played a full season in years, and it’s likely that the Eagles will turn to Matt Barkley or Nick Foles by the end of the season. The biggest problem for this team is the defense. Last year it was one of the worst units in the NFL, but now many starters from last season have been replaced with general unknowns. While the Eagles have lost many defensive starters, the biggest problem is that they are switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. The problem? The Eagles personal fits a 4-3 defense better. Trent Cole, the Eagles best defender is a great 4-3, but moving him to a standing up 3-4 linebacker could make him less effective.

Overall: 6-10 4th NFC east Sorry Eagles fan. In the difficult NFC East, questions at the quarterback position, and a terrible defense, it’s going to be a rebuilding year in Philadelphia. While the will score points, I think we will see games where they will score 30 points but loss because their defense is so bad. Chip Kelly may begin righting the ship in Philly and being his high-powered offense to the pros, but unfortunately you need to play defense to. 2013 will be a step in the right direction, especially with Kelly at the helm, but it just won’t be a step back into the playoffs.


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