Why Muhlenberg Hockey is the best sporting event on campus

  • Excitement of Hockey 
    Fast paced action

    Fast paced action

    Hockey is one of the most exciting sporting events to watch. The speed, grace, and power of hockey players is truly something to behold live. Whether it’s a player flying down the ice, to a bone crunching hit in the corner, hockey provides the excitement of speed and violence that can get even a first time fan’s adrenaline pumping. Want excitement on a friday night? Come to a game!

  • Personalities 
    Who doesn't love a team with personality?

    Who doesn’t love a team with personality?

    Whoever said “blondes have the most fun” has clearly never met hockey players. Sure the players might be a little goofy, but they’re just having fun. The Muhlenberg team is no exception, filled with fun guys that just want to have a good time. Who really wants a team that is too serious? Those teams are no fun.  Why not root for some of the funnest guys on the Muhlenberg campus? Win or lose, you will be entertained.


  • They look good: 
    Back in Black

    Back in Black

    Muhlenberg maybe the cardinal red and grey, but man do they look good in black. The hockey team has some of the sharpest uniforms on campus, including my personal favorite uniforms, the road blacks. Nothing says intimidating like a team dressed in black from head to toe. While their uniforms may different from the norm here at Muhlenberg, it makes the team stand out in a good way.

  • They score…a lot!! 
    Putting the biscuit in the basket

    Putting the biscuit in the basket

    You gotta love an exciting team. Muhlenberg can put up goals in bunches with their dynamic offense and aggressive defense men. Seriously watching this team is like watching a highlight reel on ESPN. Not only can they put the puck in the net, but make it look easy with great plays that will make you just say wow.



  • Get away from campus 
    One of the best teams on campus

    One of the best teams on campus

    Lets face it. There are times that you just want to get out of the Muhlenberg bubble and get away. With the games off campus it gives students a chance to get off of the Berg campus and a chance to escape for a couple of hours. Plus the bus trip is a great way to meet new people that you may not have met otherwise.

  • Team’s mascot 
    Duncan is the team's mascot and #1 fan

    Duncan is the team’s mascot and #1 fan

    Sure we have the Mule mascot, but the hockey team has its own mascot and #1 fan. Duncan is the team’s little brother who is at every game cheering his heart out. He loves to come to practice whenever he can and has been a huge part of the program for the past two years. The players and fans love him and his family. Chances are if you come to a hockey game you’ll see Berg’s best fan along the glass cheering for his favorite team.



  • The Fans 
    Some of the most passionate fans on campus

    Some of the most passionate fans on campus

    The hockey games are a romp at Muhlenberg. The Muhlenmaniacs come out in full forces and let their presence known. If you love to cheer, you need to come. The fans are an integral part of the team’s success as they have given the Mules one of the best home ice advantages in the conference.



One thought on “Why Muhlenberg Hockey is the best sporting event on campus

  1. Thanks for the write-up. We love when we get big crowds at the games. Lots of fans on the rails, pep band playing in the stands, cheers (for the Mules) and jeers (for the opposition) – great environment to see a game and it really gets the team pumped to play. – Coach Howard

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