Let the quarterback controversy begin!

Vick a backup or possible starter?

Vick a backup or possible starter?

The second Michael Vick put his John Hancock on a Jets contract signaled the beginning of the next great quarterback race for Gang Green. Only this time around, Tim Tebow is nowhere in sight. While Geno Smith is the Jets future and should be the player the Jets should develop, the mere presence of Vick means that the Jets are looking to make the playoffs in 2014. While many believe Vick will accept the backup role and simply mentor the young signal caller, it is clear that he is here for one reason, the chance to start.

Michael Vick is a competitor. If he can beat out Geno Smith and be a starter in this league again he is bound to claim the starting job. While I was never a big fan of bring in Vick, there is no question he will bring significant competition to the Jets quarterback race. Could he start again or even play 16 games? I don’t see it. However, I can see him being a good relief quarterback for Smith or a guy that can make a spot start for the Jets. If anything, his knowledge of Marty Mornhinweg’s system will make Vick a great option should Geno Smith struggle. Can Vick be the quarterback to get the Jets back to the playoffs or will his presence help Geno Smith develop? Only time will tell.


One thought on “Let the quarterback controversy begin!

  1. Vick is going to help Geno Smith a LOT I think. I don’t think he will have a legitimate chance to start. Vick has proven to be a successful backup in the past. Geno will make major strides this year in my opinion. I followed your blog so I can keep up with your posts. I have a similar page and would love if you followed mine back and maybe checked out a couple of my articles if you have time. whatwereabout.me

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