Meet the Mess!!

It's getting to the point that you can't pay Met fans to see this team

It’s getting to the point that you can’t pay Met fans to see this team

Ever since 2006, when Carlos Beltran stood frozen in the box after committing the final out in the National League Championship series, the New York Mets franchise has endured its darkest era. Back to back collapses in 2007 and 2008 followed by irrelevance since 2009, Mets fans have been constantly told just wait till next year. Here’s the thing were not little kids, we’ve waited for progress and instead have seen recession. Now its 2013, and the wait continues. Mets fans have endured financial scandals, terrible free agent signings, home-grown talent leaving Flushing, and most importantly, terrible baseball on the field. This team has gotten to the point where they’re so bad they can’t even be stomached. Other than David Wright and Matt Harvey, this ball club is an absolute joke. While many Mets fans will blame the Wilpons, and

Mr. Wright is one of the few things that have gone right for the 2013 Mets

Mr. Wright is one of the few things that have gone right for the 2013 Mets

rightfully so, I believe that Sandy Alderson must be held accountable. While many experts will defend Alderson and his “rebuilding plan”,  its been three years. Sure, he’s brought in Zach Wheeler and Travis D’Arnaud, but they haven’t even stepped foot on the Citi Field Diamond. In the same breath, he’s failed to re-sign Jose Reyes or trade him for top prospects, and is responsible for constructing the worst outfield in majors. Outside of Wright, you’d be more lily to find Waldo then a worthy major leaguer. The same goes for the rotation, that outside of Matt Harvey, has been absolutely atrocious. The All Star Game is a clever ploy by the front office in an attempt distract the irate fan base from the woeful performance on the diamond. If this mess on the field isn’t addressed, Alderson may want to start looking for another job. He hasn’t improved this team in three years, and while the future rotation does look promising, the rest of the franchise is barren with both a lack of major league and prospect talent. As a Mets fan, I can’t even watch this team anymore. They can’t hit, pitch, and they make some of the dumbest mistakes that I’ve ever seen on a diamond, and it’s only May! Wow, Seth Mcfarlane summed it up perfectly in this Family Guy clip here. Listen, moving forward I think the Mets can build around Wright, Wheeler, Harvey, and D’arnaud. However, I do not believe the Mets can look at Tejada, Davis, and Duda as being cornerstone pieces moving forward. We’ve seen enough of their struggles to know they probably aren’t everyday players. Hopefully, the Mets will have money to spend this next offseason and finally

Unless some major changes are made, Mets fans will continue to be tormented

Unless some major changes are made, Mets fans will continue to be tormented

be able to go out and get the missing pieces. For instance, the  entire outfield, that this team needs to climb out of the cellar. Mets fans can do their part. Don’t go to the games or support this team! When people stop showing up, that will force the front office to make some moves. Trust me, if fans stop paying for season tickets and the ballpark is empty the Wilpons will be forced to act. They keep wondering what will bring fans back? It’s simple, Win! If this team can compete late into the season and actually create some hope, then the fans will come. But until then Mets fans will stay far away from the mess in Flushing. What grade would you give Sandy Alderson’s performance as GM? What do you think about the Mets? Comment below.  


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