New Carr Smell: Derek Carr not getting attention he deserves

Carr is revving his engines for the NFL.

Carr is revving his engines for the NFL.

When the Houston Texans began their journey into the NFL, they had the number one pick in the 2002 Draft. With that pick the Texans took a quarterback named Carr to build their franchise around. Now, twelve years later, they have the same opportunity once again.

While his brother maybe considered a bust, you cannot sell Derek Carr short because of his brother’s NFL career. The main reason for his brother’s so-called lack of success because he was on an expansion franchise with no talent around him. He was destined to fail. With the Draft approaching we’ve all heard about Bortles, Bridgewater, and Manziel, but not about Carr. He has the build at 6’3 and 220 pounds that scouts are looking for with a great arm. True his competition wasn’t great, but it’s not that far removed from Bridgewater and Bortles in the AAC.

What about his production? Scouts will credit Carr’s success to the spread offense at Fresno State, but he still threw for over 5000 yards in his senior campaign. With 50 touchdowns to 8 interceptions, Carr had incredible production. Throughout his career Carr has thrown for over 12,000 yards, 113 touchdowns, and only 24 interceptions. With a great arm, build, and production it is a head scratcher why Carr is not considered one of the best quarterbacks in this draft.

While many have Blake Bortles as the number one pick, Carr should also

A dark horse in the Draft

A dark horse in the Draft

be included in that conversation. If he lasts past the first five picks, Carr could be the steal of the draft. Despite talented sleepers like AJ McCarron in this quarterback class, still Carr could be the diamond in the rough for a franchise that needs a quarterback. He maybe discounted because of his brothers NFL career, which is a huge mistake. Despite the critics if a team like the Browns or Vikings were to draft Carr, he could finally be the franchise quarterback those franchises have been looking for. Either way, Carr is revving his engines for his NFL opportunity. Who do you think will be the best quarterback from this draft class? Take our poll below! 



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