Boston Strong! How the Red Sox victory goes beyond the trophy


Boston strong! The Red Sox helped a city overcome horror

Boston strong! The Red Sox helped a city overcome horror

The Boston Red Sox are World Champions! With their third World Series title in a decade the Boston Red Sox have established themselves as the latest dynasty is baseball. Since the exorcism of “The curse of the Bambino” most Red Sox fans would have told you that there 2004 Championship was their greatest triumph. 86 years of heartbreak and frustration were finally over after the Red Sox stunned the Yankees coming back from 3-0 to win the ALCS. Then April 15th, 2013 happened. The Boston Marathon became ground zero in a terrorist attack that would kill three and injured hundreds.  A manhunt, bombing suspects, a city-wide shut down, Boston was crippled. Then there were the Red Sox the heart and soul of Boston. The team that was the city’s emotional outlet. Like their city, the Red Sox knew that there was only one thing to do after getting knocked down, keep fighting. For the 2013 season the Red Sox hung a 617 Boston strong jersey in their dugout for every game to remind them they

The Red Sox reminded themselves that they had something bigger to play for

The Red Sox reminded themselves that they had something bigger to play for

were playing for something much bigger then themselves. They had a calling. The Red Sox welcomed survivors and there families with open arms this entire season. They  handled this emotional situation just proves that they are one of the classier organizations in professional sports. Despite being picked by most experts to finish at the bottom of the AL East, the Red Sox dominated 2013. With there Duck Dynasty beards in tow, the Red Sox would win the East with a 97-65 record. After beating the Rays in the ALDS, it looked like the magic carpet ride was over. The Detroit Tigers, up 1-0 in the series were just six outs away with a 5-1 lead from going back to Detroit with a 2-0 lead. Then, they’re leader David Ortiz blasted a grand slam in the eighth to tie the game and allow the Red Sox to even the series. We all know what happened next. Boston would win the ALCS 4-2. In the World Series, Ortiz was unstoppable. Arguably one of the greatest postseason hitters, and without a doubt one of the greatest Red Sox, Ortiz’s performance would help the Red Sox overcome a controversial game 3 to head back to Boston up 3 games to 2. Behind John Lackey’s stellar performance game 6 belonged to the Red Sox. With a 6-1 victory, the Red Sox were World Champions once again.

The Red Sox became more then a team, they became a symbol of strength

The Red Sox became more than a team, they became a symbol of strength

This World Series went beyond baseball. For a city that had to endure so much, the Red Sox became more than a baseball team, they became a rallying cry. The symbol of Boston’s unity became a blue shield, with the Red Sox “B” with two words, Boston Strong! The Red Sox were more than just another baseball team, they were a source of hope. Throughout this run they proved that Boston might get knocked down, but they always get up. There is no telling how long it will take for Boston to heal from the wounds of that faithful April day, but baseball has been a start. A team that used to be notorious from taking hope from their fan base gave it back in an immeasurable way this season. Instead of trying to make a city forget what happened, they took it as a rallying cry and reminded a city to not forget and continue to fight forward. This season wasn’t about number 34 or any other player. It was 617. While this World Series will without question solidify the Red Sox as the premier team in baseball for the last decade they’ve given something more precious to Boston then rings or trophies. They brought back hope and joy to a city that needed. In Boston’s darkest hour, the Red Sox were the light that brought a proud city back! Boston Strong 617!



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